7 Seconds – Not The Punk Band

Did I tell you about the 7 Second Rule I just read about? Not the punk band, 7 Seconds. It goes along with the intrusive thoughts. I spend A LOT of time thinking about every dumb, awkward, weird, bad joke, stupid story, and just bad interaction I've ever had with anyone and everyone. Seriously, I... Continue Reading →

Intrusive Thoughts Named Megan

I just listened to this Podcast called; The Hilarious World Of Depression I wouldn't say it's my favorite one or anything because sometimes listening to these types of things make me feel worse. Hearing other people say "I would be at the mall and I'd think about going to the top floor and jumping off..."... Continue Reading →

The Up Side

A few good things about being depressed. I'm saving money. It's easy when you never go out and I don't like anything enough to buy it. I've lost weight. Not the way I'd like to but I'll take it. Sometimes I feel numb. My job has been really stressful this week. When things are breaking... Continue Reading →


I have this pretty big problem. I avoid confrontation of all kinds. That doesn't sound like a problem. Maybe confrontation isn't the right word. I avoid anything that could resemble a confrontation, competition, or even provoke a long conversation that would require me to explain or justify myself. I do it in a lot of... Continue Reading →

My Mouth Gave Up

Sometimes I notice that my mouth feels tired or heavy. It’s as if the muscles holding up my lips have given up. Even they are too depressed to even hold my mouth up any more. Turns out your mouth muscles are called Depressors. Well, way to do your job then, assholes.


Every morning I wake up around 4am. I open my eyes, immediately reach for my phone, see that I still have at least another 2 hours of sleep left and I think; “Just go back to sleep…” I close my eyes again, and that’s when it starts. “Why don’t you get a head start on... Continue Reading →

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