“Well, Just Stop Feeling That Way” and Other Things Not To Say To Me

Please Stop Saying This To Me:

-“But, WHY are you feeling this way? What happened?”
I don’t know. That’s what I’m working on. It wasn’t one thing, one bad day. Please don’t make me feel like my feelings aren’t justified because I can’t give you an answer.

-“Did he break up with you?”
I wish it were just a breakup I was trying to get over. It hurts even more when someone thinks I’m sad because I’m not in a relationship.

-“You’re just having a bad day.”
Yes, yes I am. I’m having a consecutive string of bad days.

-“You look tired. Are you okay?”
I’m going to assume I’m not alone in this: When someone asks me if I’m okay and I’m clearly not okay, it usually makes me cry uncontrollably. No, I’m not okay and I’m usually trying really hard to hold it all together.

Things I’d Rather Someone Do Instead:

– Come over my house. I don’t like leaving my apartment just yet. Watch a movie with me. Don’t ask me a lot of questions. Just sit and be with me. But then also please don’t stick around too long. These days, 2 hours is about all the social time I can stand.

-Talk to me about your life, your stuff. I’d rather listen to you talk than be wrapped up in my own thoughts for another minute.

-Go for a walk with me and my dog.

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