Good Things – Don’t Tell Martha I’m Using That Saying

I’ve always loved the outdoors – says everyone ever.

There’s just something about being outside, in nature that just makes me feel good and whole, and just….better. It warms my heart and makes me forget all the bad shit. I’m going to get a little yoga on you here for a second. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating again here. I have a good best friend that is very into Reiki Healing and she knows a lot about chakras. I am not 100% on board with these things, and I do not as of yet believe in healing energies or that a person has the ability to “heal” or transfer energy to another person. However I do love me some yoga, and I very much enjoy the ideas of chakras. I promise this will come full circle back to nature.

There are 7 chakras. I am no expert on any of these and will not even try to explain them in detail. Here is a handy chart to help illustrate and I linked that bad boy to a site that can dive much deeper into this than I ever could. Click it and get your learn on, if you feel the need. OmChakraOm
Back to my story! So my dear friend told me that I enjoy nature so much because it helps balance my heart chakra. That baby is green and is believed to be associated with balance, calmness and serenity. I’ve done a little digging into this topic, and by digging I mean Pinterest. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for years and I’ve tried to practice more when I’m feeling especially sad and anxious. Especially, when I can barely make myself get off the couch or get out of bed. Sometimes just walking in nature seems like too much. When scrolling through Pinterest for yoga poses for depression (seriously, give it a go) I found this snippet again about the imbalance in the heart chakra:HeartChakraImbalance

I mean, could you be a little more on the nose there, chakra?

I started walking more. I make time to take my dog for longer walks through paths near ponds, and through the trees I love. When I first start walking, I’m of course thinking of all the shit that happened to me through out my day. The bad stuff at work, my crappy co workers, then I might even move onto things that happened 10 years ago that I can’t let go of. I just never know where it’s going to go. But somewhere along the way, I start paying attention to the lush green environment around me. I start recognizing all my favorite plants and flowers. I notice those little bugs that just skate across the water. Puppies, I always notice them of course. I become completely enveloped in the nature around me even if I’m taking a path that leads me through neighborhoods and down roads with traffic. I don’t even notice that part. I always come back home feeling refreshed and not nearly as miserable as when I started. For me, I truly believe there is a connection to healing my heart with nature. Just sitting on  my balcony with my plants puts my heart and my mind at ease. I may have even gone a little over board recently trying to fill my home with as much green as I can get my hands on. Here’s a few pics of my balcony:

Plant Filled Balcony

A little detail shot of my newest rusty, crusty plant stand that I might get around to painting one day: Close Up Antique Plant Stand

Another section of my balcony which isn’t as big at these photos may make it seem. Although it would probably look a lot bigger if it wasn’t filled to the brim with plants.

Apartment Balcony filled with plants

It’s hard to feel miserable when I walk outside to this every day. I still manage to pretty often of course but this is helping. Like, a lot.


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