Things That Make Me Happy

Things that make me happy: Dogs. Dogs with their heads hanging out of car windows. Dogs playing with other dogs. Running around dog parks. Big, happy, goofy faces of pure joy. Nature. Breathing fresh air, dirty trails, rivers and streams. Walking my dog through new neighborhoods, staring at the stars until everything goes blurry and looks... Continue Reading →

What Do I Want?

I struggle a lot with what I want. It shouldn’t be that hard. What do I want? Whenever something is too hard for me, or there are too many variables to focus on, I make lists. Most of the time the lists serve no purpose other than to try to trap the thoughts that are... Continue Reading →

My First List

"Just write. There is nothing more therapeutic than writing." Things I cannot do Write Talk on the phone Talk or even find the words to string together a comprehensible sentence Go grocery shopping “Just relax.” Wear anything that would make me stand out Get through one day without crying Concentrate Eat more than once a... Continue Reading →

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